Idyllic £4 Million Hoxne hoard house goes up for sale

In the heart of Suffolk, this delightful former vicarage has come to the market.

Anyone who watched the brilliant BBC series The Detectorists will be able immediately to call to mind an image of what to expect of a home in Hoxne, Suffolk. The village is best known as the location of The Hoxne Hoard, whose discovery is exactly the sort of story that inspired Mackenzie Crook’s eccentric, bucolic masterpiece.

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The tale goes that a local farmer named Peter Whatling had lost a hammer, and asked his friend Eric Lawes — a retired gardener and amateur metal detectorist — to see if he could find it. What Lawes turned up was something totally different: the largest collection of late-Roman gold and silver ever found in Britain, with over 15,000 items and a value (in today’s prices) of almost £4 million.