The VIP Detecting experience gets you out detecting with an experienced detectorist on historical land. A great way to learn the ropes and take a first step into the hobby of Metal Detecting. 


The group for the VIP days will be a maximum of 4 people allowing a much more concentrated learning session with lunch included and you also recieve an exclusive discount code 10% off the cost of a Nokta Makro Metal Detector shoud you wish to continue the hobby. Photos of the day will be sent to you via digital file. 


The VIP metal detecting experience days give you a chance Search for long lost history that lies beneath the soil and is a fantastic and immersive introduction to the hobby of Metal Detecting.


Join either Metal Detectives or Peaky Finders groups to learn the history of the hobby, how obtain permissions to detect as well as how to use and best optimise a Metal Detector to give you the best chances of success.


We have thousands of acres of historical land available to detect in many locations around the UK and our experience days allow you to come and join us on any event in 2021—You will be given a machine to use for the day and a buddy to mentor and teach you the basics of the hobby—You may even strike it lucky first time out.


We look forward to seeing you in the fields !