The Metal Detecting Experience with the Metal Detectives Group & Peaky Finders - A great gift for yourself - Or a loved one ! 


Book a Metal Detecting experience with us to experience the exciting and thrilling hobby of Metal Detecting and you could be the first person to discover lost coins and artifacts, buried beneath the soil for sometimes thousands of years, with thousands of acres of rich historical land available for us to search it is very possible you could make the discovery of a lifetime during the day or leave us with a new hobby and exciting new possibilities.


Book a metal Detecting Experience with us and you will receive the following.


Training on a mid range to top of the range Metal Detector (Depending on knowledge and experience ) 


Learn the basics skills and knowledge required to operate and use your metal detector successfully, learn which sounds to dig, learn proper digging techniques (to ensure finds are not damaged) and disturbed ground is easily replaced, learn find location techniques, learn basic find identification and how to report and record your finds with the Portable Antiquities Scheme.

Spend time searching one of our many designated sites and make potentially exciting discoveries.    


The detecting experiences are designed to give you a in-depth knowledge into the wonderful world of metal detecting.


If you or someone you know have always wanted to try Metal Detecting, now is the  perfect chance….  


It couldn’t be easier…


From the list below select an area that would be best for you - Please bear in mind that weather and crop rotations do make a difference to what land is available on any given week. 

MDG - Bedfordshire - Near Bedford

1-1 & group days

Dates currently from Feb 2021


MDG - Berkshire - Near Newbury

1-1 & group days

Dates currently from Feb 2021


MDG - Buckinghamshire - Near Aylesbury

1-1 & group days

Dates currently from Feb 2021


MDG - Oxfordshire - Near Witney / Oxford / Banbury / Bicester

1-1 & group days

Dates currently from Feb 2021


PF - Surrey

Dates currently from Feb 2021


PF - East Sussex

Dates currently from Feb 2021


PF - West Sussex

Dates currently from Feb 2021


PF - Kent

Dates currently from Feb 2021

All areas above are available for both the Detecting Experience and VIP Detecting Experience  


Other areas and those above also available on a on a 1-1 basis only ( please email for details) 

Dates currently from Feb 2021 and valid for one year ( with time added for any government Covid regulations that restrict locations or outdoor organised activity) 


Whats included in your Detecting Experience


  1. Metal Detector

  2. Finds pouch

  3. Probe / pointer

  4. Spade / digging tool

  5. Finds Box

  6. Printed advice and guidance for the day

  7. Certificate of completion

  8. Tea & Coffee and light snack

Whats included in the VIP  Detecting Experience  ? 

- all of the above but including a one on one tutor for the event and advice on how to research and obtain prime permissions to detect and guidance on the law regarding Metal Detecting - the VIP experience will be a small group with limited numbers attending. 


What do you need to bring?


  1. Weather appropriate clothing and footwear 

  2. Camera 

  3. Extra food and drink (Tea & Coffee is provided & a snack) 

  4. Hand sanitizer , Face mask etc ( if required )


We will be COVID Secure on all our training days and events with social distancing measures in place, hand sanitizers and anti bacterial spray, all equipment will be clear before and after use. 

Detecting is a fantastic hobby and we hope to be able to welcome you into the community via one of our Experience days . 

Any questions - Please drop us a message. 

Mark & Luke.